Ryan A. Olea is best known for her illustrations and portraits made with layers of watercolor and graphite lines that dance atop paper and wood. She studied both painting and book arts at the Oregon College of Art and Craft and received a BFA in 2010. After college she traveled the globe rock climbing, which later inspired her artwork. In the summer of 2017 she converted a Red Cross van into a home and studio, for an off grid experience. She strives to find a balance of movement and stillness in her art and life. 


Artist Statement 


I find lines where there are none. Contour and the broken line bring mood to my pieces as well as define edges and planes.I go about capturing a face or an object by first finding its edges. To give depth and richness to a form I bounce line and paint within it.

I enjoy finding quirky details, like a proud nose or sympathetic elbows, to better understand a personality and to create a story. Within my studies I have learned that truth comes out in drawing. I discover the nature of many relationships by emulating a persons qualities in paint and pencil. Dualities or parts of human nature are a common theme among my paintings and drawings as well as the pieces I make with board and paper.

Besides working with my own memories and body I find inspiration in the appropriation of others as well as the natural world. Beauty is everywhere, and i task myself with capturing it.